Alumnae Verification

Please complete this form if would like to become a Verified Alumnae.  This status is only granted upon receipt of your diploma, and is not automatically granted once you graduate.

Verified Alumnae have benefits such as voting rights, being inducted into the Order of Phi, attending Alumnae Appreciation sessions, and the ability to serve as Mentor, RD, NBOD, NALFO.  In order to become verified, you must attach a copy or photo of your diploma to this form.  If you would also like to become financial, you will need to submit proof of payment as well.

If you do not plan on being affiliated with an alumnae entity, the dues schedule can be found below.  Please submit your payment in accordance with this chart.  Recent Graduates (Spring/Summer 2016 and paid dues in September and March) remain financial through August 31st. Recent Graduates are provided a discounted rate to be paid on September 1st in order to remain financial thru May 31, 2017. If payment is not submitted by September 1st the member will become NF.

To become financial under an Alumnae Entity please contact the appropriate Alumnae Entity before sending dues.  You can find a list of Alumnae Entities and their contact info here.

Payment can be submitted by Chase QuickPay or PayPal to:  Please submit payment prior to completing this form if you wish to be financial.

Alumnae Verification Form

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