National Board of Directors

Irma Amparo “xibal” Ortiz
National President
Beta Chapter Alumna -

"After 15 years in Gamma Phi Omega, I continue to be inspired by members within the organization; women who are establishing themselves as professionals and making a difference in our communities through service and mentorship. This makes me proud to be representing the sorority and serving in the role of National President."

Interim Vice President of Standards & Compliance

Laura P. “Xímo” Soria
Interim Vice President of Finance
Beta Chapter Alumna -

"I'm active in the sorority because my father always reminded me to never forget where I came from, to always give back to others so they can achieve the same success and to always be true to myself."

Karina “Lil Mex ^13” Garduno
Interim Vice President of Member Services
Alpha Chapter Alumna -

Maria “BOA” Amador
Interim Vice President of Community Engagement
Epsilon Chapter Alumna -

"I continue to remain active in the sorority because this is a lifetime commitment for me. I value the sisterhood bonds that I have created in my 18 years as a sister. As I have progressed in my career, I have learned the value of a strong leadership team. As Program Director, I want to use my extensive leadership experience for the benefit of the sorority to continue providing memorable and quality sorority programs."

Melissa “Oshun” Gracia
Director of Philanthropy
Phi Alpha Alumnae Chapter -

Cristina “Chaloris” Rodriguez
Director of Marketing
Epsilon Chapter Alumna -