National Board of Directors

Irma Amparo “xibal” Ortiz | National President
Beta - Crossed Spring 2002

"After 14 years in Gamma Phi Omega, I continue to be inspired by members within the organization; women who are establishing themselves as professionals and making a difference in our communities through service and mentorship. This makes me proud to be representing the sorority and serving in the role of National President."

Danette “Bendita” Surges | National Vice President
Epsilon Chapter -

"We all have different skill sets, talents, and downfalls. However, if we come together to help each other, then we can be truly successful.  I am not entirely certain how much of an impact I, or any one individual, can make on an entire organization.  It is only when we volunteer our time and collaborate together to help each other that we allow ourselves the opportunity to find out."

Laura P. “Xímo” Soria | Financial Director
Beta - Crossed Spring 1997

"I'm active in the sorority because my father always reminded me to never forget where I came from, to always give back to others so they can achieve the same success and to always be true to myself."

Noemí “aItana” Román | Recording Secretary
Epsilon - Crossed Fall 2011

Kathy “PYROS” Portillo | Academic Director
Epsilon - Crossed Winter 2010

"Upon graduating I remained active within the sorority because ultimately, the quality of our organization rests on our undergraduate membership and how well we serve as mentors. Therefore, from RD to NBOD, I remained passionate in providing young women not only with the means to live out our 4 goals, but also with the need to do the same for future members."

Jennifer “Kai ō” Baquedano | Director of Alumnae Affairs
Theta - Crossed Spring 2009

"While staying active in the sorority, I had great experiences being able to connect with sisters at a professional and personal level while having tons of fun! That learning experience drove me to want to contribute to build on the sorority’s momentum and help evolve our alumnae chapters and colonies. I want to "pay it forward" to an organization full of members that have impacted my life in incredible ways, and I’m lucky to be alongside by members who also want to do the same."

Reina “Pro.SaLiZ” Salcedo | Director of Undergraduate Affairs
Nu - Crossed Winter 2009

"I stay active in the sorority because the women in this organization have been a support system for me and I want to continue giving back. I look forward to the great things sisters will accomplish and the impact that the organization will continue to have on younger generations of women wanting to be successful and be better."

Priscilla “ÁnYáh” Marrero | Expansion Director
Sigma - Crossed Spring 2013

"Gamma Phi Omega has become a large influence on who I am today. The organization and the women in it have motivated me to strengthen my work ethic, live a healthier life style, and become an overall driving force personally and professionally. I remain active to be that influence to others, as other women have been for me."

Cynthia “C’Mere’C” Gonzalez | Marketing Director
Eta - Crossed Spring 2011

"Gamma Phi Omega has played a great part in my personal and professional growth throughout my college and professional career. I stay active in the sorority because I am inspired by my sisters and hope to continue sharing and spreading the values that Gamma Phi Omega has to offer."

Valerie “Voeta” Vargas | Membership Intake Director
Lambda - Crossed Spring 2009

"I continue being involved in the sorority because I want our organization to have a strong legacy. GPhiO continues to provide me with so many opportunities to challenge myself and grow. I want our organization to keep thriving so other Latinas can be offered the same opportunities and support in academia."

Tania “LIOMARIS” Figueroa | Philanthropic Director
Alpha - Crossed Fall 2011

"As I look back on the past 5 years that I have been a member, Gamma Phi Omega has played a huge role in my life and development as a well rounded woman. I remain active because there is a desire to continue connecting with powerful women who motivate and push me to become a better version of myself. Our organization has so much potential and we have amazing leaders with visions of excellence for our future."

Maria “BOA” Amador | Program Director
Epsilon - Crossed Fall 1998

"I continue to remain active in the sorority because this is a lifetime commitment for me. I value the sisterhood bonds that I have created in my 18 years as a sister. As I have progressed in my career, I have learned the value of a strong leadership team. As Program Director, I want to use my extensive leadership experience for the benefit of the sorority to continue providing memorable and quality sorority programs."

Vacant | National Historian

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