Gamma Phi Omega International Sorority, Inc., Denounces Trump Administration’s Cruel Use of Immigrant Children’s Lives; Calls Members to Action

Chicago, Illinois (June 21, 2018)—Gamma Phi Omega International Sorority, Inc., calls on the Trump administration to cease the cruel use of immigrant children’s lives as political pawns to further the White House’s agenda for tougher immigration laws and U.S.-Mexico border control.

Yesterday, an executive order was signed to halt separation of immigrant families merely days after declaring the White House had no way to stop this practice. While the executive order halts further separations, it is not a solution: a plan for reunification for nearly 2,300 children and their families has yet to be unveiled and now, changes the policy to arrest, process, and detain whole families in cells.

As a nation, we find ourselves in the midst of a largely moral and humanitarian crisis of what can only be imagined as a life-long traumatizing experience for these children and their families, where lives continue to be devalued, and likely constitutes an illegal act that goes against a 1997 court case limiting the government’s ability to detain children.

We strongly believe that a statement denouncing this matter is critical. And so, we join many other organizations that have taken a bold step in condemning these actions. But a statement without action does not effect change.

We call on our members—many of who can relate to the immigrant family experience—families, friends and allies, to participate in one of many ways to make their voices heard!

On June 30th, join “Families Belong Together” in rallies across the nation to protest the Trump administration’s efforts to systematically criminalize immigration and hold them accountable for the reunification of families. For more information, visit:

Sign the National Domestic Workers Alliance “Move On” petition to urge for a swift reunification process. For more information, visit:

Donate to Action Network’s RAICES program to aid in the family reunification process. For more information, visit:

Follow our social media for more ways to continue the fight to keep immigrant families together.