North Shore O’Hare Attains Chapter Standing

CHICAGO, Ill., Feb. 16, 2014—Gamma Phi Omega International Sorority, Inc. has officially recognized North Shore O’Hare (NSO) as the sorority’s Phi Gamma Chapter marking it as the 3rd chapter serving the its alumnae members. The organization has graduate chapters located in Illinois and Indiana. These entities strive to develop programming that better suits the alumnae women of the sorority.
The alumnae members who form part of NSO appeared before the National Board of Directors (NBOD) to present an overview of their past year’s cultural and social events. All programming is spearheaded by the organization’s four goals: academic excellence, community service, cultural awareness and sisterhood. “Our graduate members and entities are important to our organization’s development and its future generations,” said Gina Sanchez, national president of the NBOD. “These ladies serve as a foundation to our younger members providing them with mentorship and sisterhood.”

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Gamma Phi Omega International Sorority, Inc. is a Latina-oriented organization founded on the campus of Indiana University April 17, 1991. Gamma Phi Omega promotes and fosters collegiate academic success, creates serving leaders within the community, raises cultural awareness, and unites women through the values of sisterhood. Gamma Phi Omega International Sorority Inc. is committed to the values of diversity and inclusion in order to attain and maintain excellence within our sisterhood providing women an equal opportunity without regard to race, age, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, marital status or disability. Gamma Phi Omega is a proud member of the National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations. Visit our webpage at, or on Facebook Follow us on Twitter at