Western Illinois University Instates as Colony

Macomb, Ill., April 1, 2015—Gamma Phi Omega International Sorority, Inc. (Gamma Phi Omega) has officially recognized Western Illinois University (WIU) as the sorority’s second undergraduate colony in the Midwest. A colony in the United States college Greek system is formed after a group of college students have met certain criteria on their college’s campus from a fraternity or sorority’s headquarters and the first step to official recognition from its headquarters. Gamma Phi Omega has chapters and colonies located throughout Illinois, Indiana and Texas.

The eight ladies at WIU recently celebrated their official colony standing on March 21, 2015. They have dedicated time and efforts to raising awareness to multicultural affairs and promote the values associated with Gamma Phi Omega. Sisterhood, leadership and success are core values instilled in the members of Gamma Phi Omega serve as a guiding force to the sorority’s goals: academic success, cultural awareness, community service and sisterhood. The ladies representing Gamma Phi Omega on WIU’s campus include:

  • Marleyna “Yaotlí” Carrillo
  • Josephlyn “MIRAGE” Mendoza
  • Luz “Nylania” Bernal
  • Vanessa “DunAmis” Rodriguez
  • Corinna “Arabella” Castanon
  • Sara “ELOiSa” Stampanato
  • Monserrat “pitBULL” Zepeda
  • Loren “CitAla” Lewis

The NBOD reviews criteria for interested groups to achieve colony-status including: a detailed listing of recruitment and academic efforts along with fundraising and social programming, a letter of support from university personnel and grades for all interested members.

“We are proud as an organization to promote diversity at campuses across the nation,” said Gina Sanchez, national president of the NBOD. “These ladies have established a great cultural platform providing incoming students with an additional outlet to explore multiculturalism and create bonds that transcend ethnicities.” WIU welcomes Gamma Phi Omega’s colony as the third multicultural Latina oriented sorority on campus and will be a part of the university’s United Greek Council.

The mix of junior and senior standing women share various professional and personal ambitions. Career paths for the ladies represent various sectors from the workforce including communication studies, education, law enforcement, park and tourism administration and youth development.

Download a copy of this press release here.

Gamma Phi Omega International Sorority, Inc. is a Latina-oriented organization founded on the campus of Indiana University April 17, 1991. Gamma Phi Omega promotes and fosters collegiate academic success, creates serving leaders within the community, raises cultural awareness, and unites women through the values of sisterhood. Gamma Phi Omega International Sorority Inc. is committed to the values of diversity and inclusion in order to attain and maintain excellence within our sisterhood providing women an equal opportunity without regard to race, age, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, marital status or disability. Gamma Phi Omega is a proud member of the National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations. Visit our webpage at www.gammaphiomega.org, or on Facebook atwww.facebook.com/GammaPhiOmega. Follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/GPhiO1991